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Hey, you

I'm guessing you like writing.

I'm also guessing you wanna take that passion and turn it into a full-blown career (or side-gig).

And I wouldn't blame you - imagine writing for a living and doing what you love.

Word Tonic is a newsletter that has over 9,000 readers and is made for people just like you. It's free + delivered weekly + created by a 24 year old copywriter moi!)

Filled with copywriting tips, career insights + outside perspectives from OTHER industry-leading copywriters (we once even got the copywriter from Domino's Pizza and Innocent Smoothies on).

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And who am I?

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My name's Carolyn - I'm a 24-year old copywriter with 5 and a bit years of industry experience. Began copywriting at 17 with no degree. Now I'm sharing the tips + advice I wish I'd known at the start.

PS. I also run a GEN-Z copywriting community made EXCLUSIVELY for young people looking to break into the industry - all entirely GEN-Z led.

Check out our GEN-Z copywriting community

Carolyn McMurray founder of Word Tonic Community

Word Tonic writers

I might have created this newsletter but I'm not the ~only~ person who writes it.

Because I think fresh perspectives are important (and learning and reading things from the same old person, week in & week can get kinda stale and boring).

Which is why I've teamed up with a few shit-hot GEN-Z copywriters from the GEN-Z copy community to help me write this thing.

To help make this a truly collaborative GEN-Z copywriter newsletter.

Check out their gorgeous faces here.

The Word Tonic Newsletter cat with a yellow hat

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And join over 9,000 happy readers who love our newsletter

check your inbox once you've subbed;

we'll send you a rabbit hole with a bit of copywriting advice ;)

What people have to say about the newsletter

Word Tonic Newsletter reader testimonial Jack Glasscock

Jack Glasscock
Senior Copywriter at Domino's 🍕

"Word Tonic is the once-a-week pick-me-up every up-and-coming copywriter needs in their life. A tonic for motivation, inspiration, alienation, Imposter syndrome, self-doubt and those dreaded blank pages."

Word Tonic Newsletter reader testimonial Ella Hamilton Savory

Ella Hamilton Savory
Copywriter & blogger ✍️

"Word Tonic provides young and aspiring writers (like me) with great opportunities and advice that may be hard to find elsewhere."

Word Tonic Newsletter reader testimonial Leon Paul Lynn

Leon-Paul Lynn
Freelance games copywriter 🎮

"The Word Tonic newsletter is a vibrant treasure trove of explanations, tips, how-tos and stories that I wish I had access to years ago. "

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