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Writer's block can be realllllly annoying.

Especially when you're up against a deadline.

Or trying to build your portfolio from scratch.

I've been dealing with it for about five years now and I've found something that just about eliminates it completely...


My four-step formula for showing writer's block the door.

Fingers crossed it works for you too!


Take a deeeep breath. This is NOT the end of the world. It might feel like it, especially when you've got a blank Google Doc staring at you - but you'll find a solution. I promise. 


Most times, writer's block is caused by a lack of information.

So, make sure you explore and do as much research as possible on the topic that you're writing about.

Look at every possible angle. Look at every possible perspective. Watch YouTube videos. Read a book. Make the most of Google.

And don't just focus on the topic - research how other people have written about it.

What I find really helpful is writing out a rough structure.


Use sub-headers to break the page into little sections and write a sentence or two under each sub-header about what you'll include in each section. 

Top up these sections with any cool ideas you come across during your research.


Literally write anything.

Anything at all.

And if nothing is coming to mind, free-write.

Set a timer for two minutes and write without thinking, even if it sounds stupid.

Forget about grammar, spelling, and punctuation - this is just an exercise in getting something - ANYTHING - on the page.

This can sometimes help kickstart your 'writing gear' into action. You may even find a gem hiding in between all the nonsense you've written.

L - LEAVE (for an hour or so)

Sometimes writer's block just won't budge,

No matter how much research or free-writing you do.

If you find yourself in this predicament, ask yourself three questions:

Am I hungry? Am I tired? Am I upset/sad/angry?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, close your laptop and show yourself a bit of TLC.

Give yourself what you need - whether that's food, water, a rest, or a walk - and you'll find it a lot easier to approach your writing next time round.

Trust me.

I've ditched writing for two episodes of The Vampire Diaries and it got me out of my funk fast.

The key is to put a time limit on your 'time-out.'

It can't last forever - you've got to get back to writing!

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