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I'm out!

Last thing before you go!

If you want to level up your copywriting skills or learn how to become a copywriter and be supported in you journey, 

check out my GEN-Z copywriting community.

Think of it as a lil club + learning hub created by a young copywriter, for young copywriters and young aspiring copywriters.

Maybe you wanna write for a living and could do with a support network to guide you or maybe you're already a young copywriter and just want a group that gets you?

This community's for YOU.

For £12 a month, you'll get weekly copywriting calls, monthly Q&As with AMAZING copywriters in the industry (think writers from Marvel Comics, Google, Nandos, and Oatly). We also have a private copywriting Whatsapp group where you can meet other GEN-Z writers from around the world and get lots of advice.

Ohhh and we have a 25% discount on the Creative Copywriter Academy - a freelance copywriting course created by a top London copywriting agency. You'll learn how to become a copywriter and even have a chance to build a portfolio.

Here's a lil video of our antics:

Why members love the community

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"I joined the community because I wanted to share my journey with other young copywriters, like as soon as I saw all the members start popping up I had such fomo! It’s so hard to find young copywriters, even any copywriters in real life so being able to chat with others daily is amazing! It made me feel like it’s a more tangible career option/ it’s actually a real thing!"


~Indiana Williams ~

As an aspiring copywriter and someone who struggles a lot with reaching out to people, this was a community that made me feel like writing was actually something profitable... and not some boring hobby as people make it out to be. It gave me a sense of security and direction."


~ Diogo Ernesto ~

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I love the sense of community, having friendly and reliable people available to help out one another, and am I'm able to get advice and tips - as well as make friends, I know that sounds strange but I think making friends with people that do the same thing and are likeminded is a huge catalyst towards the success of your work."

~ Ella Hamilton Savory ~

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