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The dream team

(of like, copywriting)

These are the brilliant brains behind the words you see written in the Word Tonic newsletter.

They're all GEN-Z.

They're all copywriters.

They're all shit-hot.



Rheanna Egleton

I’m Rheanna, a copywriter of over three years. I love the power that words hold, and I enjoy being able to infuse a spark of magic into my writing. 


More often than not, you’ll find me with my nose in a book or hopping on a plane. In an ideal world, I’ll be doing both. 


Want to see what I’ve written? Check out my portfolio.


In need of some words? Reach out to me!

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Amy Worgan



My name's Amy and I'm one of the snazzy new writers for the Word Tonic newsletter.


I'm from Manchester, UK, and we'll get along if you like golden retrievers, dad jokes and Google deep-dives on whatever your hyper-fixation is that week.


I hope my silly words make you want to write your own!

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Marleena Garris

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Hi! My name is Marleena Garris and I'm a freelance copy + content writer from the USA.


Think of me as your bippity-boppity writing fairy-godmother for all things creative in your lexicon!

PS. Check out my portfolio here ;)

Joe Flockhart

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I could not live without the written word. I wouldn't be able to read bills, determine what food I should avoid (seed oils and aspartame, please go away) or know which train to take.

I'm a 23-year-old English grad, and as an avid reader and writer, copywriting is surely my calling. 

My goal is to make you react, so hopefully your face will look like one of these emojis: ✨🤣😇😍😈

Em Thomas

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Hey, I'm Em :)


I'm a freelance writer and artist currently working in Denver, CO, USA. My preferred niche is comedy writing, as I love making people laugh. When I'm not writing, I'm bartending, studying for my MBA program, or eating fried eggs.


This girl loves eggs so much.


I'm pumped to be a part of the Word Tonic community and can't wait to be a part of your inbox. 

Rebecca Rae

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Rebecca, Gen-Zer, 0 miles away.


Definitely not watching you...


I’d say I’m taking the scenic route, my Vauxhall Viva (a small car) with the top down (sawn off because she can't transform ), flowery scarf fluttering in the wind behind me… Can you imagine it? You, me, my car, the wind, the motorway, traffic, getting cut off, swearing about it (a lot) and on the journey goes.


Heading somewhere snazzy.


A damn modern-day romance.


All a sickly metaphor for learning to copywrite.

ALSO: An aspiring copywriter extraordinaire, writer of things, film technician, and stickler


P.S. Message if you like lamps - I fuckin’ love lamps.

Amy Brewer

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I was a young-un when my imagination was sparked by the worlds of books and films - as the story goes for most. But puns, they have driven me to go beyond what many would see as futile. Inspiring me from the solid ground of humour to dig deep and find playful phrases. As a copywriter with a bit of a cheeky side, I love having beautiful products to sink my teeth into. In my spare time, I co-host a Gen Z writing community podcast and write film and television reviews on a blog called Flashcut Reviews.

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